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Official Madden Calendar Amend FAQ

After every official Anger calendar update, we see the aloft questions pop up. So we absitively to bureaucracy this FAQ, with the admonition of Anger Assistant Producer Accessories Guru, the man in accusation of the official Madden calendar updates.


This official Anger calendar amend FAQ will get acclimatized as needed. If you acquire a catechism that isn’t on the list, amuse DM me and I’ll try to get the acknowledgment and amend the post. He will not acknowledgment any calendar questions that accordance accurately with CFM, so amuse accrue that in mind.

Why isn’t (insert abecedarian name) in the adventurous yet?

Players acquire to be acclimatized by the NFLPA afore they can be added to a calendar update. Again the abecedarian needs to be created from scratch, alternating with accepting the ratings, salary, etc. correct.

Why did (insert abecedarian name) acquire a abounding week, but go down?

While (insert abecedarian name) may acquire had a adequate adventurous in one area, he may acquire struggled in accession across that weighs heavily on the all-embracing abecedarian rating.

Why did alone ratings go down, but the all-embracing abecedarian appraisement backward the same?

Overall ratings are afflicted based off abounding alone abecedarian ratings, they are not manually set.

Will added Convenance Band players be added such as players like Marcus Kemp of Chiefs?

That is the plan this year.

How connected does it crop to achieve a calendar amend and is it a altered action both systems?

Nothing altered per console, but it takes 3 to 4 days. Sometimes some added time is bare and the calendar releases on Friday (for example, ceremony 1).

Will you be absolution a spreadsheet of annual changes?

Those spreadsheets are not handled by me, it’s up to EA to absolution them or assay the ratings hub.

Why were convenance players deleted from the calendar in this week’s update?

Looks like it was a bug created from a Reside Seasons change that was asked for. It should be anchored this week. Convenance band won’t be attainable in Play Now or Online, which is fair and realistic, ashamed they aren’t on the 53. If you wish convenance squads, amuse use Reside Seasons.

What accoutrement do you use to actuate the annual abecedarian acclimation changes?

Game film, highlights, watching the abecedarian every ceremony and a scattering of websites.

How abounding humans plan on the annual update?

It’s a 1 man team.

Are you attainable for suggestions from the association on accessories edits?

Always. Mostly via Twitter. Just apperceive that I’ll accusation images of contempo accent updates. Consistency is key, not just a one ceremony on, one ceremony off blazon of thing.

What are you appliance for abyss adapt assignments?

Game film.

Why are some abrasion lengths abounding best than what is expected?

I abode a ceremony length, but CFM throws a capricious on top of it, based on courage and abrasion rating.

Why are some injuries actual altered than what occurred? (I acquire concussions and suspensions can’t be listed but players with a broken duke ability acquire a broken bottom listed instead.)

There are alone so abounding assay catastrophe injuries at my disposal. I can’t abode a guy on IR unless the abrasion is assay ending. Injuries still accusation added love, we don’t acquire a broken duke assay catastrophe injury, so it is placed as broken foot.

Will you be absolution an abrasion chargeless roster, or do we acquire to delay until the end of the season, per usual?

End of the year, as usual.

Is there abolishment you can do with the calendar to stop some of the top acceptance rookies from accepting arise in the preseason of ceremony one in CFM.

That is a CFM issue, not calendar related.

Is there a annual of how ceremony alone aspect correlates in game?

It is something Rex is alive on.

Will added portraits be added to players afterwards one?

If a abecedarian is added and has a portrait, it is because he was at the combine. Otherwise, it would acquire to be patched in and those assets are now alive on Anger 19.

Why has there been so few actualize a abecedarian slots attainable on the absence calendar again there has been in able years?

We acquire one atom attainable per accession to ample up the teams as abounding as we can.

Will there be a accession ratings acclimation fabricated at the mid-season or end of assay mark that reflects what has happened in the accordance up to that point abut the annual updates?

Quarterly or mid-season.

Will the derma blush for Rex Burkhead and Will Compton get updated?

Yes, it’s advancing in the next patch. They both will acquire face scans.

Will Colin Kaepernick get his tattoos back?

He will in the next patch.

Will Julius Peppers facemask abate get fixed?

It’s anchored in the attainable patch.

Why are chargeless agents like Johnny Manziel and Darrelle Revis gone?

We don’t acquire rights to Johnny Football, but Revis is on the annual of chargeless agents.

Will abstruse aces trades be included in calendar updates?

They are alone included in Reside Seasons.

Will we accusation to restart our approval on the Rex Burkhead and Will Compton patch?

Nope, it will be anchored everywhere.

Why are some players who are convenance band adequate in NFL, not adequate in the adventurous like Kadeem Edwards, Richard Ash & others on Cowboys?

Those are Anger convenance band rules. They don’t acquire them absolutely like the NFL, ashamed there are so abounding stipulations.

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Official Madden Calendar Amend FAQ