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This night Thompson become the focus of all

Remember January 24, 2015? Warriors vs King, Clay Thompson in the third quarter runaway, hammered all 37 of the vote, creating http://www.redskinsfootballproshop.com/Vernon-Davis-Jersey the history of the NBA individual points scored a new high. In this game against the Pacers in a war, Clay again staged a miracle in the first game, he will fire full, even more critical is that Thompson took only 29 minutes, you are not wrong, is 29 Minutes to get 60 points! He has become the 24 seconds since the time, get 60 minutes with the least players! If you think Thompson is only half crazy, it is wrong, the second half, the team continued to play for the Thompson leaves, everyone's task is to hand the ball to Thompson, in this section 4 minutes 37 seconds left, Thompson soared in the three Points, get 54 points, refresh his career scoring record, he also held up his arms, enjoy the cheering of the scene fans, the audience applause! This is undoubtedly the God of the night, is also the NBA so far this season, the most dazzling individual performance! Thompson averaged 20.7 points per game, the lowest Game Josh Norman Jersey in the past three years, while the 37.6% hit a career-low three-point range. In addition, the 2.1 turnovers are a career high, and Thompson appears to have lost self on the court . However, all this may be forgotten after tonight. "When it comes to shots, nobody is qualified to coach Thompson!" Curry responded more than once to the questioning of his brother's words this season, unambiguously expressing his support for him. And tonight, when the half scored 40 points in the second quarter of the Thompson in the field with three minutes, the library is to play the audience cheerleader, he waving towel jumped off, or even rushed directly to the pass Access to locker room. "I was so excited that there was no place for me to run, so I rushed to the locker room," Curry said after the game with a smile. "I've always told you not to worry about him, he is one of the league's best pitcher, I knew this evening will come!" Cole once again stressed Official Josh Norman Elite Jersey his point of view has been, as a coach he also praised the team , "I think I was more impressed that the team are very happy to pass each other, very happy to do single-block, Thompson shot a lot of team effort is the result.In addition, when he was crazy in the field, the audience The most exciting people are Curry and Durant, which makes everyone see how we are united! "I do not know what to say, really incredible! I have never seen such a performance!" Adu after the game on the soup of God is also full of praise, "he may not hold the ball the whole game for more than two seconds, take To the ball on the vote, so it can get 60 points, too incredible!

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This night Thompson become the focus of all