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So "self-willed" you will never catch his steps

Westbrook on the road Atlanta to continue his Guards play today, with his sixth straight triple-double lead Mets Noah Syndergaard Jersey the Thunder win over the Hawks has been desperate. His personal triple-double of the season also increased to an astonishing 11. Westbrook for the Thunder to bring this wave of winning streak, the team continued to follow the pace of the western teams, before the start of this season, people want to know Durant lost the Thunder will be how to fall, Westbrook is using their strong performance, breaking the prediction. In the post-match press conference, Thunder coach Donovan on the Westbrook almost monster-level performance was full of praise:"incredible, this player, you can find surprises from him every day, today's game we do the third quarter, But the fourth quarter counterattack let us some passive, obviously they want to win at home, and our players never give up, Adams's ankle and some problems, but I asked him if he needs to end off , He said no problem today we have five players in double figures, Kantor and Morrow are reflected in their value, which is very important for us away from home, I am glad we can hold the victory at the last moment. The momentum is important for us to consolidate our position in the West. " His head coach so praised, the locker room Westbrook seems to be very calm http://www.baseballofficialshop.com/jake-arrieta-jersey-c-3_96_121.html, after the three-game losing streak this is the thunder of the sixth consecutive victory, which makes him feel a lot easier, in an interview with Westbrook Has been repeating a meaning, he really loves basketball the sport:"I am very pleased to be able to achieve such results, really, I will not think of these games, but concentrate on playing, to help his teammates forward, but no matter I love to play basketball, I love my team and teammates, I am willing to do anything for the team. "When the team to do anything." When I ask, I will say I really like the sport, this is my reason in the field to make every effort, Asked how to treat their three consecutive pairs of amazing state, Westbrook said: "The data does not make sense to me, when I was in the game, let me do the game, the team let me do what I do , So simple, whether it is rebounds, assists or scoring, I am willing to do anything. Rush to answer the question, Westbrook wind and fire to leave the locker room, feeling whether on the pitch or off, never catch Authentic MLB Baseball Jersey his steps! Yes, just like his teammates big man Kanter looked at his back smiled and told reporters:"You and other opponents, will never catch his steps!

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So "self-willed" you will never catch his steps