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He is a very special person not only to the Cavs but for James

Do not want to be a soldier is not a good soldier. Do not want to coach when the coach is not a good coach. Tyronn Lue in the era Green Tyrod Taylor Jersey of the players did a lot of tactical notes. "I noticed that he would write down the tactics, the players usually do not do, Lue absorbed some Phil Jackson, Stan Van Gundy, I have Skiles of things, he did a very good one hand Is to transform these things into his own things, that is what you have to do. "Rivers so praised the disciples. He is Tyronn Lue! When Cavs coach is the biggest hurdle to get James's trust. David Blatter is not because of the trust of James was fired. Blatter too much to accommodate James, the Cavaliers did not prestige. Tyronn Lue is not the same, he and James have long been friendship, and he is the hard gas when the absolute hard gas. Tyronn Lue has been in Jordan, Bryant had been around, he knows and superstar get along, he knows the time to put the release, such as allowing Royal Blue Tyrod Taylor Jersey James sometimes painting tactics, because James does have excellent decisions ability. However, Tyronn Lue is definitely not like the past Blatter or Mike Brown coach, blindly accommodate James. Sometimes he will close a collection, in front of other players to maintain prestige. "I think this is a great decision, I think Tyronn Luegan very well, both know how to basketball, but also very few people dealing with interpersonal relationships, he both, as both offensive and defensive, he is a Very special person, "Cavaliers boss Gilbert so praised Tyronn Lue. "He's a friend since I was 17, but he's a coach and I can understand him anyway.He will point me and urge me and I will listen to what he says and do not try to write a story why I'm in a relationship with Coach Lue How close, I think there are a lot of players and coaches in the league close, but I was one of them. "James Tyronn Lue took office after that has been said. Tyronn Lue and the Cavaliers in each of the players are in close contact, who has a problem state, he will communicate with their chat. He also dared to establish prestige in front of James, had to let the public shut up James! Tyronn Lue led the Cavaliers to the Finals last season, he and Steve Cole is a very exciting http://www.nflbillsofficialauthentic.com/Nike-Lesean-Mccoy-Jersey.html battle between. The final three games, we see James open full Zhan mode, two scored 41 points, grabbed seven war play three pairs, we see the Irving avatar offensive pioneer, with a variety of incredible attack way score, we also see To Tristan Thompson turned rebounds monster, restrained the Warriors of the "death of five small." But in fact, Tyronn Lue plays the role is also crucial, he developed the strategy after the three war is very effective, the offensive end of the fierce attack inside the Warriors, fierce Kill Curry, Cavs's attack becomes more efficient, while the Warriors core Curry was made not only foul trouble, physical decline, but also anger larger. Cavs on the defensive end, tearing the Warriors with the smooth, so that the Warriors more into the singles mode. Cavs eventually completed the reverse win. "Brother, you can not say, I do not have the best coach in the world." James said in a social media such words to praise Tyronn Lue!

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He is a very special person not only to the Cavs but for James