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Motiejunas will probably have a new opportunity in Rockets

After a protracted tug of war, the Rockets finally left the Motiejunas, Rockets boss Alexandre, coach Mike D'Antoni are very happy. This summer, after becoming Nike Brandon Marshall Orange Jersey a restricted free agent, the Rockets contract negotiations with the Rockets has been no progress in the length of the contract and the amount of the two sides have always failed to talk about. Until the Nets out of the offer contract, the Rockets in considering the choice of matching offer to leave Motiejunas. The 2014-15 season, the original Motiejunas is expected to get a fat, but the back surgery affected his prospects, last season because of injuries, Motiejunas played only 37 games, averaging only 6.2 points, 2.9 rebounds, He was traded to the Pistons, but because did not pass the medical examination, the deal was canceled. Before the Nets have carried out a number of physical examination of the car, the results so that the Nets satisfaction, it seems Motiejunas has been restored to health. The Rockets know that healthy Motiejunas can give them help, Brewer said: "Motiejunas is a good player, through his help you can get better. "There are not a few 7 footers in the league who have the technology of Moto," said Alexander. "He 's a great player on the court. He' s an outstanding passer and he 's trying to keep improving. D'Antoni had not worked with Motta before, but he knew Motto, he was very pleased for the return of the Motiejunas, he believes Game Brandon Marshall Broncos Jersey that Motiejunas can enhance the strength of the Rockets, so he in the paint line on the inside have more choices. "He's a 7-foot man who knows how to play," he said. "He works very hard and his basketball IQ is a valuable asset to any team, and it's great for us. "It 's going to have to get Moe into the team and get him into the game. It' s going to take a while, but we still have time. D'Antoni said he knew the most suitable position is the power forward motel, but he will let motel to play power forward and center two positions, he thought the arrival http://www.broncosauthenticofficial.com/emmanuel-sanders-jersey_c-495.html of the motel increased the Rockets inside comprehensive, after all, motel not only excellent low attack technology , As well as one-handed three-point projection. "We can use a 7-foot long to play a small lineup, which really is not a small lineup," said the D'Antoni, "his arrival makes us another piece of the puzzle, so that the coaching staff more than a choice, His basketball IQ can help the team."

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Motiejunas will probably have a new opportunity in Rockets