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It is time to play more aggressive

Cavs suffered a 3-game losing streak, James dissatisfied with the state of the team, said the team must play harder. As a leader, James set an example by playing the most aggressive Anthony Hitchens Kids Jersey offensive in recent times. In the game, James continue to attack the inside, the Raptors to create a great deal of pressure, although they are still in the eastern part of the first, but the lead is not much advantage, and to the eastern position of the Cavaliers challenge is the first six-game winning streak Raptors, so this direct dialogue with the Raptors is very important. Full match, James the field to get 34 points a season-high, his campaign to achieve personal data and team victory double harvest. When James played such a state, the Cavaliers as a defending champion demonstrated the strength of the powerful! "After the honeymoon period is over, the champion is the last thing, we now want to go with empty-handed desire to win the fight," James said, "We are the target of public criticism, and now it is time to play more aggressive, Everyone must be tough enough. " In the second quarter, James scored 12 points alone. As James said before the game, it is time to play a powerful style http://www.officialauthenticcowboysstore.com/Nike-Dez-Bryant-Jersey.html of the game, the team losing streak is not suitable for "health" of the. James breakthrough in the second quarter is very fierce, the use of the iconic rolling type cut. 3 minutes and 47 seconds before the end of the first half, James forcibly break, Carol would like to pull did not pull, Valanchunas fill is useless, only watched James layup, Valanchunas also lose A foul, James successfully hit three points. James suddenly resolutely cast decisive, after the start of the third quarter, he gave a cut into the dunk, followed by fast-break one-stop layup to continue rolling. 6 minutes and 53 seconds before the whistle, James turned off defensive player, the immediate concern to the basket sky, the face of the player to fill the ball a throw, not only scored also caused a foul. The game of James played rare fierce force this season, his usual mode of play this season is to concentrate on organizational attacks, personal attacks occasionally Lu Zhengrong has reservations. So playing on the one hand can create opportunities for his teammates, on the other hand they can save energy, but in the Cavaliers three-game losing streak, James need to break out, give the team a strong Authentic Dez Bryant Game Jersey impetus, he did! James eager to lead by example, but almost cause injury. Shortly after the start of the first section, the Cavaliers get fast break opportunities, Owen dribble darting, James quick to follow up the accelerated sprint off the defender, flying into the sky received Irving pass dunks, but in the moment the floor instability , Left leg first floor, right leg splits the situation. James kneeling on one leg, slowed for a while to stand up, but fortunately near misses.

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It is time to play more aggressive